7 Best Visual Composer Alternatives in 2024 (Free included)

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Are you in search of a page builder to build a stunning website that can make your potential customers go wow, and instantly see you as a professional in your niche? Well, for that, you need a page builder. If you already know what page builders are and also know about Visual Composer (which is the best one in the industry), then you should give it a try.

But, if for some reason you don’t want to use Visual Composer then you must be looking for the best visual composer alternatives to create an aesthetically pleasing website or landing page, right? Well if that’s the case then you are at the right place. Have a look at these seven best visual composer alternatives and see which one is perfect for you:

Best Visual Composer Alternatives

1. Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect - Best Visual Composer Alternative
Thrive Architect

Previously known as the Thrive Content Builder, Thrive Architect is one of the best visual composer alternatives that is built with a focus on increasing the conversions of the website.

The page builder is built by the same people who are behind Thrive Themes which is a company that sells conversion-focused themes for WordPress websites. Thrive Architect comes with a drag-and-drop editing tool and 271 templates for landing pages making it a piece of cake for you to design stunning pages and blog posts. 

Thrive account
I’ve been using Thrive products since 2016

Some of its key features are:

  • You can do real-time page-building
  • You can customize how your website’s page is going to look on tablets and mobile
  • The entire page can be imported or exported to be used on different websites as well
  • Comes equipped with more than 34 elements ranging from text to countdown, maps, and more
  • Works as a standalone builder that can work on any theme without the exclusive elements

2. Elementor


The reason why Elementor is so popular and is worthy of being the alternative to the Visual Composer is that it is the first open-source and free page builder that has advanced-level editing.

It features a quick drag-and-drop page builder that you can use to make instant pages and also edit their built-in templates to create stunning pages. The best part about Elementor is that it has a very high editing speed, which means you will find it very easy and fun to build your pages.

Some of the key features are:

  • Offers mobile responsive designing
  • Extensive library of templates
  • You can build a completely new landing page without a footer or header
  • It has a built-in maintenance mode that can put your website offline
  • Embed its templates anywhere on your website with a small shortcode

3. SiteOrigin Page Builder

SiteOrigin Page Builder
SiteOrigin Page Builder

One of the most popular WordPress builders, SiteOrigin has over one million active installs which only contributes to the fact that it is, in fact, an incredible page builder.

One of the best things about the SiteOrigin page builder is that you can easily build fully responsive, column-based content and it will adapt to all types of devices and different screen resolutions. 

Some of the features of the SiteOrigin are:

  • It works with any WordPress theme
  • Simple drag-and-drop editing which means no coding is required
  • You can make edits in real-time
  • You can undo and redo your edits through the history browser
  • Different row and widget styles

4. MotoPress

MotoPress Page Builder

Though MotoPress is available in both free and premium versions, its free version comes with a lot of benefits like 30+ elements for content, cross-theme compatibility, frontend editing, and much more. 

However, if you truly want MotoPress to become the best alternative to Visual Composer then you may consider buying the Content Editor Pro by MotoPress. It comes with priority updates and support, reusing of styles, and also the ability to enable the editor the create custom post types. 

Some of the main features of the page builder are:

  • Frontend editing provides an impeccable WYSIWYG experience
  • With an easy drag and drop and click to add options, page building is a breeze
  • Edit content in real-time for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices
  • Fully responsive with mobile-ready layouts
  • Provides revision history to restore the previous page

5. Live Composer

Live Composer
Live Composer

A frontend page builder that is unequivocally one of the best visual composer alternatives because of its incredibly easy-to-use interface and compatibility with all WordPress themes. 

It allows the user to edit the website from the front end which means you don’t have to hang around the admin panel to make changes. Instead, you can edit everything as you go and do editing in real-time. 

This enables you to create a modern page that is both stylish and optimized for conversions. 

Some features are:

  • Contains over 30 different modules from simple buttons to complicated portfolio
  • Fully compatible with any WordPress theme
  • Create highly responsive websites for desktop, tablet, and mobile
  • You can use the user access restriction feature to create membership pages
  • Provides interactive tutorials to help you learn more

6. Divi Builder


Divi has recently introduced its page builder that can work with any theme as a visual editor. Just like the Visual Composer, the builder comes with both frontend and backend editors. 

Though the builder used to be a block-based builder that didn’t allow the user to see the changes in real-time now with the recent 3.0 update, it is a full-fledged live visual editor.

Some of its key features are:

  • Comes with both frontend and backend builders
  • Has hundreds of templates
  • Fully responsive editing
  • Offers over 40+ elements
  • Divi Leads allows split testing of various pages

7. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder
Beaver Builder

The plugin comes with a free version but it is limited, and if compared to Elementor, the free version of Elementor is far more powerful than the free version of Beaver. 

Still, many different things about the Beaver builder make it incredibly useful to the users such as its 32+ templates and the ability to be used on unlimited websites. 

Some key features of the plugin are:

  • Easy to use drag and drop interface
  • Templates are customizable, shareable, and reusable
  • Comes with very powerful modules that can even build Q&A and FAQ pages
  • Frontend editing in real time
  • Creates SEO-optimized pages

Which is a better Visual Composer Alternative among these?

There are tons of other visual composer alternatives but the seven mentioned above are the ones that have been tried and tested by tons of people online and have received a majority of positive ratings.

Granted that not all of these will be for you, but there will be the one-page builder in this list that you will find very useful for your page creation efforts. I use and recommend Thrive Architect.


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