Rebranding Passive Blog Tips to The Blog Metrics

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After nearly six years, I’ve decided to rebrand my primary blog from Passive Blog Tips to The Blog Metrics.

Why? Well, honestly I wasn’t happy with the cheesy words like “tips” and it lacked some professionalism. And I hope this change will help my blog in long run.

I registered Passive Blog Tips in a hurry in the year 2013, at that time I was mainly influenced by blogs like,, etc.

Passive Blog Tips logo
Farewell Passive Blog Tips

I wanted to register a domain name that was never used or abused, and I found The Blog Metrics perfect and brandable.

Apart from the name and domain, nothing else will be changed. Everything will work as before.

Migration went smoothly, I used All-in-One WP Migration plugin (with a premium extension) to transfer all my contents to the new domain.


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