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Adithya Shetty blog

About Adithya Shetty

This used to be my personal blog that was updated rarely, so one day I decided to make it more useful by turning it into a digital agency. I am a full-time Blogger from Halady, India. I started this blog to write on Minimalism, Personal development, Business, etc. I came across blogging in early 2011, where I started a cricket blog on Google’s free platform just out of passion, but over the years I learned a lot and later moved to WordPress.

In early 2013, I started a blog called SportsAndCricket.com which failed to take off. But soon after I started The Blog Metrics (Formerly Passive Blog Tips) which pretty much changed my life. I remember accurately that the speed of my internet was like 60-80kbps on a dongle in 2013; which was a big hassle.

Where I started my journey

Since I’m from India, earning in dollars helped me to become a full-time blogger, and it gave me the freedom that I always dreamed of. Being able to work from anywhere I want just with a laptop is a great luxury and I’m very grateful for it.

Other than blogging, I like sports, reading, and watching movies. I’m a vegetarian and prefer a minimalist lifestyle. Education-wise, I did mechanical engineering with a diploma and quite obviously I was least interested in it and I had to face a lot of resistance from relatives and society while building my business.

Early Life

I was born in a fairly middle-class family in the 90s and I spent my first ten years of childhood in a city called Sirsi, Karnataka. We were living in a joint family and my grandfather was a doctor and others had local businesses including my Dad’s Ice Cream parlor.

Me with Dad’s Hero Honda Bike

In early 2000, we faced several financial crises and lots of internal clashes in our joint family forced my parents to sell our business and shift to this small rural village called Halady.

The school I went to in the 90s

I was forced to continue my education from the local Kannada Medium downgrading from a convent English medium school.

2nd Grade

In the village, my parents tried to start a couple of businesses that failed to take off. Ten years later, in 2010, my Dad passed away from blood cancer; This left us completely stranded until I figured a way to start my online ventures.

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